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Sanguinor - Sketch by RedSkittlez-DA Sanguinor - Sketch by RedSkittlez-DA
From whence the Sanguinor comes, none truly know, yet there are two credible possibilities. The first is that the Sanguinor is the last member of the Blood Angels' Sanguinary Guard from the Horus Heresy, although this seems implausible, even with the long life-spans granted to Space Marines by their genetic alterations. The second, and more widely accepted, possibility is that when the Primarch Sanguinius was slain by Horus, his soul split in two: that half which was full of anguish, pain and doubt over his actions during the Horus Heresy became the Flaws that torture the Blood Angels to this day, while that part which was noble and righteous formed into the Sanguinor within the Immaterium. However the Sanguinor came into existence, the Blood Angels of the present day always see his coming as a harbinger of hope and the Emperor's divine will.

Sanguinius - Sketch [link]
andythemarine Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2011  Student Writer
well the flaws are explained in the horus heresy books and i beleive in the space marine codex as weird mutations in the genetic structure of the gene seeds that as they grew caused "problems" but it is reasonable to say that the sanguinor might be some part of sanguinus which escaped into the warp. i have my own theory that while he was cast through the warp as a child that perhaps the warp grabbed hold of some part of him then and his death allowed the sanguinor to appear in the material universe
RedSkittlez-DA Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2011
Well, you know Sanguinius has psychic ability called "foresight" he saw the only possible ways to save the Emperor and mankind. So he sacrificed his life to be reborn. Plus: Sanguinius, left a psychic imprint to his blood angels' Gene seed, after his death, it's called "black rage" & "Red Thirst". :)
andythemarine Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2011  Student Writer
true. cool fact the red thirst was inspired by the concept of vampires in the same way that the space wolves wulfen were inspired by werewolves.
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