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December 25, 2012
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The Emperor's Shadows - Helmet design by RedSkittlez-DA The Emperor's Shadows - Helmet design by RedSkittlez-DA
The Emperor's Shadows is a Loyalist Space Marines Chapter that is a Second Founding Successor Chapter of the Iron Hands. The Emperor's Shadows field many Dreadnoughts and prefer any weapon that projects bolts or slugs over energy weapons.

The Emperor's Shadows' Power Armour colour scheme is loosely based off of that of the Black Templars, with contrasting details in red and turquoise. Many historical references are subtly incorporated into the Chapter's squad iconography.

The Chapter badge is a Japanese bonsai tree silhouette with a rising sun behind it, on a white background, surrounded by Japanese Kanji characters
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That is quite impressive. They as fond of augmetics as their parent Legion?
How nobel are they? These are Space Marines we are talking about so I say it cant be little
'Nobles' The term derives from Latin nobilitas, the abstract noun of the adjective nobilis ("well-known, famous, notable"). In ancient Roman society, nobiles originated as an informal designation for the political governing class who had allied interests, including both patricians and plebeian families (gentes) with an ancestor who had risen to the consulship through his own merit.

Every chapter acts differently but are based off historical cultures, example the Ultramarines are based off the Romans and the Blood Angels based off the Greeks. Even Salamanders won’t go through with a mission if it endangers civilians. So yes Space marines are quite noble. With the exception of the Space Wolves because well… Vikings. But I don’t think they can earn the 'NOBEL' Prize somehow.
I mean are they like the Salamanders? Space Wolves? or more asshole-ish like the Marine Malavolent? or kinda in the middle like the Grey Knights or Ultra Marines?
*trembles in fear* Y-yes!
It’s in the description, read it next time.
Looks more like it would fit as a White Scars successor. Still pretty good concept.
Belazikkal Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Badass samurai IN SPEHSS! ;) Jokes aside, I like this design.

It is very nice to see you develop these further (because the original concept is freaking cool), but it would be even nicer if you credited Victoria Lamb who created the Emperor's Shadows: [link]

She's a fantastic painter AND sculptor, and winner of several Golden Demons.
She also has a great sense of humour: [link]
LostHelix119 Dec 26, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Rumbles actually does credit the original creator whenever someone mistakes it for a made up chapter, in legal terms because it won games day and was a legitimate chapter for two years it was technically owned by GW for a period of time. In that sense he would have to credit every original creator for every chapter he does art for, for example, the ultramarines – Jess Goodwin but that should be common knowledge. What I’m getting at is that is an unwinnable battle concerning crediting because there will always be people who either don’t read the artist description or just don’t do their research. I’m not trying to be mean I’m just addressing an issue that I’ve seen countless times.
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