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November 4, 2012
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White Unicorns designs by RedSkittlez-DA White Unicorns designs by RedSkittlez-DA
*This chapter is based on a existing chapter created by GW.

The Founding of the White Unicorns is unrecorded. The White Unicorns are almost entirely absent from Imperial records. The Chapter was first recorded in the works of the Administratum field notary Corwen Quilpin in the 3rd Century of the 40th Millennium. The Chapter was next referenced only a few decades later fighting alongside the Blood Angels. The White Unicorns are noted for bearing all manner of holy relics, and ancient patterns, of arms, armour and vehicles. They appear to have inherited the most revered arms and armour, preserving them, and bearing them down the through the ages against the foes of the Emperor of Mankind.

The White Unicorns are known for their extensive of shield and weapon combat styles from swords to lances. It appears that every ballte brother knows how to combine the defensive capabilities of a shield with the offensive power a weapon gives to produce ; charges repelled, enemy squads crushed under foot, gun emplacement over run, objectives taken and battles won.

Tactical Marines of the White Unicorns chapter use a Shields simular to ancient law enforcement of Terra except these shields have a slot for the marine's bolter to slide into allows the marine to use his shield and fire his Boltgun at the same time.

The White Unicorn chapter are known for being able to field a large amount of the sought after MK 4 Maximus pattern power armour which confuses members of Adaptus Machanicus, as if widley known chapters such as the Blood Angel and Ultramarines cannot supply but a hand full of their warriors with this rare armour, then how can the White Unicorns field so many.

The white Unicorns field two variants of the Mk 4 Power Armour the first is the standard version of the armour featuring almost no visable alterations baring the emblem of the White Unicorns.

The second variant is a modified version of the MK 4 Maximus which is mostly used by Veterens of the chapter to show they have proven themselves in the heat of battle, it feature the well known crest and "horn" on the helmet and the rest of the armour receives other astetic modifications such as triming to the leg guards and other areas.
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Love the Power-lance :D
This must be made! And i suppose the Pegasus marines are a section/subfaction of the Unicorns?
Dear Games Workshop,

This army. Make it real. Now.
jeramyLNeeley Jun 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like them all, maybe if you send this to gw they might be inspired to make something more kick ass.
Only space marines are able to put fear onto the enemy when they hear the word unicorn.
ChrisJingles Mar 25, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Oh god I wanna make this an army
yeah, new chapter!
Isn't mark IV a bit.... old? Why not use the newer suits?
Cogboy Jan 2, 2013  Student General Artist
It's A classic, man. Not to mention considering how piss poor Adeptus Mechanicus is as developing new tech, the mk 4 is probably not as outdated as one may think. plus it's so pretty.
Luckerman Feb 6, 2013
isn't the mk4 the most advanced ?
i mean it was created with regained knowledge druing the great crusade but through the horus heresy only a few chapters remain who know how to forge them ...
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